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All of the senior photographs from the 1961 ANNONA have been uploaded to the Classmates section.  Those classmates who previously registered on the website for our 50th reunion may need to obtain a new user name and password; however, the information that was provided at that time has been reentered into your profile.  We have also included a section for you to tell us a little bit about what you've been doing for the past 60 years.  
 This will be especially appreciated by those classmates who were unable to attend our reunions and would like to keep in touch with their friends.   

You will find a menu listed on the left side of each page, and we hope you will take the time to explore each section.  In the "Tiger's Tale" section you can read complete issues of our school newspaper, cover to cover.  The "Sports" section features a few of the Football Programs. and there are many school mementos scattered throughout the pages, with more being added almost daily.  We welcome your contributions!!  The "Those We Have Lost" section features friends who have passed away, and sadly that list keeps growing.  We also have a "Remembrance" section, where you can offer a special memory or tribute to a deceased classmate.  An obituary has been added whenever we are able to find one.  
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It is our hope that as you think back, you will reflect fondly upon those days we shared over sixty years ago.