Who's Missing

These are the names of classmates we have lost touch with since our last reunion.   Many have moved to new addresses, to other cities, and other states.  If anyone can provide clues to the whereabouts of any of these classmates, please let us know.  We are updating the list frequently as letters are being returned "address unknown." Someone on this list may be a friend of yours, and if that is the case, please give them a friendly nudge and ask them to get in touch with us,
through the website (Click CONTACT US)

If you should find a name on the list of a classmate who is deceased, it would be helpful if you could provide any additional information that would allow us to verify the death such as the approximate date and where the death occurred.  We don't want to put anyone on this list in error, which unfortunately has recently occurred, much to that classmate's surprise and shock.


Betty Lou Allen
Virginia Ann Baisden
Jesse Anastasios Baldwin
Annetta Louise Blackmon
Noble Joseph Boyette
John Frederic Bradley
Suzanne Brake
Patricia Lubelle Brockman (Walters)
Susan Nell Broughton
Alicia Susano Bruno
Elizabeth "Betsy" Champion (Adams)
Timmie Charles Childers, Sr. 
Royce Walden Chitty
Mary Frances Clark (Chewing)
Judy Ann Clements
Edward Allen Collier
Johnnie Vonn Collins
Evelyn Marie Crotts (Wilson)
Lydia Marie Edge
Margaret Annette Ewing
Lillie Frances Fillingim (Gilley)
Evelyn Ann Forte (Bailey)
Jimmy H. Foust
Billy Joe Foster
Nancy Fredlock (Jennings)
Chester Daniel Garrison
Carmen Evangeline Greene
Jimmie Lundy Hammac
Joanne Hart
Robert Martin Harvey
John A. Hayes
Karen Sue Hicks
Barbara Ann Hudson (Patterson)
Nancy Lee Hughey
Patrick Eugene Irwin
Robbie Kay Johnson
Betty Gail King
James Ebbin Lee
Robert Donnie Little
Ronald Henry Love
Charles Michael Malone
William Cline Martin
Bertie Mae Mayne
Robert Sherwood McAllister
Diane McCaskill (Dickerson)
Johnny Maye McFadden
Paulette McGraw
Marcus McHenry
William Joseph Miller
Robert William Mitchell
Pamela Joy Nesmith
Rita Ann Nichols
Gary Fox Norsworthy
Gilfred Richard Nowling
Marsha Osborne (Pitts) (Hinrich)
Mary Elizabeth Parker
Linda Pate
Robert Laurence Payne
Douglas Brent Pennington
Robert Crockett Peterman
Temple Marie Quinn
Rachel Ann Rachels
Margie Ann Rineholt
George W. Roan
Frances Patricia Robbins (Rudd)
Judith Anne Robinson
Joyce Faye Sellers
Henry Winfield Smith
Patricia Ann Smith (Wagner)
Veronica Thrower
Robert Udell
Mary Inez Walmer (Williams)
Robilyn Melody Wilhite
Charles Hayes Wigley
Faye Wilson (Nicholson)
Virginia Ann Wright
James Vickers Wyatt
Lynda Leah Yarbrough