Photograph Albums

We welcome photos from classmates.  Look in boxes.  Search the attic.  Look under the bed and on closet shelves.  Try to find photographs from our earliest school days in Pensacola.  Snapshots of friends at the beach. If you have any from our past reunions, we would love to see them.  It's time to share!

When your photographs are uploaded, they will not automatically appear on the website.  A message will be sent to the site administrator advising that your photo has been uploaded.  When it is approved, it will be assigned to an appropriate album.  Whenever possible, try to identify who is in the photograph. 

75th Birthday Party 2018
50th Reunion - Part 1
50th Reunion - Part 2
Past Reunion Photos
High School Memories
When We Were (MUCH) Younger
This may look like the kids from the old My Gang films but thats Vernon Anderson, 2nd from the left, and his sister Rela, 2nd from the right.
N B Cook Elementary. Not sure of the year, possibly 51 or 52.  Thats Sue Stringfield, first Indian on the left.  Have fun trying to identify all the other Indians.
N B Cook Elementary. Possibly 53 or 54.  Sue Stringfield is third in from the right.  Who else can you spot?
N B Cook Elementary -6th Grade- 54-55
Sue Stringfield, Ann Holsberry and Bobin Glagola are easy to spot.  Who else can you identify?
Sue's Scrapbook Photos