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On November 14, 1958, at the beginning of our sophomore year, the PHS Tigers fought the Jesuit High School Bluejays at Tiger Stadium.  The Tigers and the Bluejays met eleven times between 1945 and the night of November 14th, and in that span of time "managed to down the big bad Jays only once.  That was in 1953 when Coach Jim Scoggins won the state championship,"  as noted in  the Tiger's Tale which came out on the day of the big game.  Both teams were undefeated and rated number one is their respective states.  It was a never-to-be forgotten game.  To read more about the rivalry between the two teams,  click *HERE* for that issue of the paper and turn to page 7.  Click *HERE* to see the souvenir program of the game.  Coach Scoggins called the 1958 squad "The Finest team and the finest group of boys I've ever coached."  In case you were wondering, the Tigers won 27 to 6 and were the 1958 Florida State Champs. 

You may also be interested in an article published in the Pensacola News Journal in October 2010, which highlighted Jim Bachus (Class of '60) and the 1958-59 winning season:  Click 
1958 - 1959
L to R, Row 1: Robert Knowles, Tucker Cotten, David Rawson,  Bennie Benfield, Bob Oliver,
Buddy Trant, Ecey Hendrix, Donnie Gilbert, Mike Pietro.
Row 2: Rick Rooker, Norman Stafford, Randy Mager, Bill Adams, Bruce Telhiard, Eddie Simmons, Charles Cummings, Wendell Newcomb, Bert Hartley, Jody Hicks.
Row 3: Billy Jackson, Bill Sikes, John Sansom, Ken Stokes, Calvin Smith, Bill Richbourg,
Joe Hosner, Larry Rawson, Joe Chapman. 

L to R, Row 1: Ronnie Marshburn, Teno Henderson, Don Hires, Bobby Macon, Bill Parks, Jim King, Joe Edmonson. Row 2: LeRoy Baysden, Bill Pooley, Arnold Seligman, Steve Rowell, William Early, Jim Bachus, Steve Cummings, Mickey Gay, Sonny Waller. Row 3: Charles Hitt, Dale Burgess, Carlton Fendt, Philip Mason, Byron Bracewell, Jack Sims, Jack Willis,
Gene McCutchin, Tom Ramsey.
 Cheerleaders 1958-59
PHS girls in Maroon and White, L to R:
Cookie Taylor, Beverly Williams, Sue Stringfield, 
Peggy Patterson, Frankie Powell,
Carol Shaw, Sandy McLeod, Bobin Glagola


Homecoming float, 1958-59.  
Starting at front & center, moving clockwise:
Frankie Powell '60, Ann Holsberry '61, Marsha Siegel '60, Beverly Williams '59,
Farrell Wehner '59, Sue Scarbrough '61.
 On steps:  Cookie Taylor '60, Carol Shaw '61, Sandy McLeod '60

Junior and Sophomore Representatives
Maroon-White Court
1958 - 1959


1959 - 1960

L to R, Row 1:  Victor Olson, Henry Graham, Tom Hubbard, Jim Latham, Mike Ruben,
Charles Cummings.  Row 2: Mike Pietro, Bob Oliver, Jim Bachus, Steve Rowell, Bill Richbourg,
David Chun. Row 3: Arnold Seligman, Ben McLeod, Bill Davis, Steve Trawick, Dick Nowling,
 Bill Early.  Row 4: Steve Turner, Odie Eddins, Terry Nettles, Kay Stephens, Wilbur Goraum,
Byron Bracewell, Bruce Telhiard  
L to R, Row 1: Buddy Trant, Danny Eggart, Ecey Hendrix, Terry Garvin, James Barrow.
Row 2: Larry Pinkerton, Calvin Smith, Bill Pooley, Lamar Grant, David Barrow, Gary Frady.
Row 3: Joe Edmondson, David Rawson, Larry Rawson, Charles Hitt, Jack Sims, Paul Plant. Row 4: Bert Hartley, Jim King, Dale Burgess, Steve Cummings, Wendell Newcomb, Mickey Gay

Undefeated in the 1959 season, the PHS Fighting Tiger Team "rolled to their second consecutive 9-0 record while opposing first class opposition."  On October 9, 1959, the Tigers and Bluejays met again at Tiger Stadium, and the Bluejays suffered yet another crushing defeat as the Tigers continued their march towards their record 23-game winning season.  Click *HERE* to see the souvenir program from that game.  
Cheerleaders 1959-60
L to R Standing: Gaye Lyles, Peggy Patterson, Cookie Taylor,
Sandy Savage, Gwen Copeland
On Ladder: Bobin Glagola, Sue Stringfield, Sheila Phillips,
Frankie Powell


Maroon-White Court

1960 - 1961

OFFENSE - L to R, Row 1: Danny Eggart, Anthony Raybon, Steve Welch, Tommy King, George Odom, Jim Latham. Row 2: Richard Raybon, Bill Greenblat, Jack Stringfield, Robert Browning, Bill Carr, Charles Johnson. Row 3: Dick Nowling, Kay Stephenson, Murris Graham, David Rawson, David Barrow, Wilton Tugwell, Paul Plant. Row 4: Gary Goodwin, Stanley Watson, Alonzo Huggins, Paul Villane, Vernon Sarver, Larry Sammons, Buddy Trant.

DEFENSE - L to R, Row 1: Terry Garvin, Charles  Cummings, John Telhiard, Jim Crooke, Ray Bradley, Gary Frady. Row 2: Ben McLeod, Victor Olsen, Henry Graham, Ronnie Bullock, Bill McDuffie, Bill Montgomery. Row 3: Bill Richbourg, Bernard Barrett, Talmadge Blackmon,
Bob Warren, David Keenan, Odie Eddins.  Row 4: Mike Aubrey, Jimmy Mundie, Tom Hubbard, Bill Boyd, Bob Thomas, George Smithson 

Fullback David Rawson plunges over for another touchdown 
to defeat Jesuit Bluejays in the 1960-61 Season 
The third game of the 60-61 season was fought on October 6, 1960, when the Tigers and Bluejays met again, this time on the Blue Jays home turf in New Orleans, and again  the Tigers emerged victorious, 19-7. Click *HERE* to see the souvenir program for the game.     This was the season when the Tigers did not go undefeated, ending the Bengals winning streak at twenty-seven when they lost to Vigor 21-6 in the sixth game of the season.  The most crushing blow was landed in the final game of that season, losing  to Escambia 14-8.  As noted in the 1961 Annona: "In later years many will recall the 14-8 defeat to Escambia and the controversial play on the one yard line that meant victory or defeat.  Coach Haynes,  in his first season, with four new coachs and only eleven seniors, finished with a 6-3-1 record against what was termed 'the toughest schedule PHS ever faced.' "


Cheerleaders 1960-61
L to R - First Row: Jean Allred, Cheryl Pockrus, Carol Shaw
Second Row: Sandy Savage, Bobin Glagola, Sue Stringfield,
Carol Peterman, Gloria Hand



As reported in the 1961 ANNONA, "Hard luck and lack of height were two characters which greeted Head Coach Marvin Beck in his first year at the cage helm and plagued the Tigers all through the '60-'61 season.  The starting five, which averaged just a little over six feet, was dealt a severe blow before the season even began when it became known that two of the four holdover lettermen, Royce Chitty and Gary Frady, would be lost indefinitely.  Chitty was able to play the last ten games and cop the City Scoring Award with a 20-plus average; Frady's injured knee kept him out all year.  Guards Danny Eggart and Henry Graham followed Chitty in the scoring column.  Other key players were Don Knapp, Mike Kingsberry, Don Bolger, Wesley Odom, Kim Kimball, Bill Tugwell and Mike Ward."
Varsity 1960-61
First Row, L to R:  Gary Goodwin, Mike Ward,  Wesley Odom,
Henry Graham, Kim Kimball
Second Row: Don Knapp, Bill Tugwell, Don Bolger,
Royce Chitty, Danny Eggart

Junior Varsity 1959-60
Standing L to R: Bill Agall, Kim Kimball, Nick Chackny,
J. Roberts, Don Bolger, A. Huggins, Wesley Odom
Knelling:  James Webb, John Shailer, James Bishop
Don Brewton, D. Taylor, Buford McClain, Espin Bullock

1958 - 1959
First Row, L to R: Gary Frady, Danny Eggart, B. Purvis,
P. J. Smith.  Second Row: Steve Trawick, Fred Renfroe,
Robert Edgecombe, Ronald Love, Nick Chackny,
Dalton Renfroe

L to R:  Frank Winn, Terry Jenkins, T. Morris, Royce Chitty, Billy Bell


1st Row, L to R: Artie McGraw, Bill Barnes, Tom Markham, Terry Jenkins, Espin Bullock, mgr.  2nd Row:  Oz Howe, Bill Collins, Jim Lurton, Billy Dickson, Jim Bachus, T. Henderson.  3rd Row: P. J. Smith, George Markham, R. Bunning, E. Simmons, Dalton Renfroe, Chris Shearman, mgr., Walter Seeley, mgr.  


lst Row, L to R: Tom Markham, Artie McGraw, Oz Howe, Tucker Cotton, Jim Bachus. 2nd Row: P. J. Smith, John Nimmer, Bower, Gordon Wolfe, Grover Robinson, Danny Eggart, Bill Collins. 3rd Row: Roger Yonker, John Bradley, Gary Frady, LeRoy Emmons, Jim Hardy. Foster. 4th Row: Charles Cayson, Tom Whitehurst, Billy Ellis, James Godwin, Gordon Cassels, Dan Cassady

1st Row L to R: George Simmons, Ricky Van Dyke, Gary Goodwin, Bobby Smith, Ben McLeod.  2nd Row: Artie McGraw, Grover Robinson, Mike Ward, Billy Ellis, Bill Gonzales, Harold Mixon. 3rd Row: Kay Stephenson, Harold Mills, Nathan Markham, Dalton Renfroe, Jimmy Clancy,
Roger Yonker, Danny Eggart. 


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In our sophmore year, 1958-59, the golf team consisted of only six players, two from each class.  Representing the sophmore class were Rick Carrell and Myron Rosenthal.  In the 1959-60 school year, the team increased to eight players.  The representatives for our junior class that year were Myron Rosenthal, Jack Behr and Don Fanning.  By our senior year the team had increased to ten players, and Myron Rosenthal and Jack Behr were the senior representatives.  Coach Tom Slusser served as team coach for all three years.  
 Tiger Golfers
1958 - 1959

L to R:  Rick Carrell, Joe Reid, Mike Turner, Jerry Riendo, David Lee, Coach Slusser.
 Not pictured: Myron Rosenthal

Tiger Golfers
1959 - 1960

1st Row, Kneeling, L to R: Myron Rosenthal, Bob Oliver, Jack Behr, Tom Rainey.
 2nd Row: Coach Slusser, Ashton Hayward, Mike Turner, David Lee. Don Fanning


Tiger Golfers
1960 - 1961

1st Row, L to R: William Randolph, Edward Hopkins, Lonnie Gilmore,
Brooks Hodnette, Jack Behr.
 2nd Row: Coach Slusser, Tom Rainey, Bob Glagola, William Oppenheim,
 Myron Rosenthal, Jimmy Sidbury. 



"Although the track team of Pensacola High was one of the most active participants in the school's competitive athletic program, comparatively little is known by the average student about the team, its members, and its activities.  The key to the team's success lies in the specializations of its members.  In this way each athlete was trained only in the field for which had had the most ability.  The first main division of thse fields of specialization was that of the track events.  This included all forms of races, such as the dashes, relays, and hurdles.  Second was the field events which covered such diverse things as pole vaulting and discus throwing, as well as broad jumping, high jumping and shot putting.  Finally there was the cross country team.  This was composed of a group of boys with the stamina to run long distance endurance races that were as long as two miles. "   1961 ANNONA
Track Team
1958 - 1959

Bottom Row - L to R: D. Hooten, J. Quina,  J. Holt, P. Meyers, R. Westmark, L. Rollo, T. Harrell, S. Hall, D. Gilbert, J. Cherry, J. Williamson, R. Jenkins, Second Row: W. Ahrous, C. Whittington, R. Guernsey, E. Rose, B. Nettles, H. Parazine, T. Crona, L. Burch, E. Gunter.  Third Row: C. Porter, T. Carshadden. R. Maddux, R. Arenson, K. Clarke, T. Cushion, C. Hall, E. Conner, J. Crawford, Fourth Row:  P. Myers, S. Styron E. Guilbert, D. Suda, K. Floyd, B. Lovelace, A. Hufford, J. May, M. McCaughn. Fifth Row: B. Adkinson, T. Cason,  B. Hastings, A. Waters, E. Kircharr, A. Orr, T. Ernest, A. Barfield.  Sixth Row: B. Saunders, W. Beck, L. Wright, C. Taylor, B. Pilcher, F. Miller
Track Team
1959 - 1960

Bottom Row, L to R:  Rawson, Early, Hall, Pinkerton, Carskadden, Barfield, Williamson, Maddox, Guernsey.  Second Row: Lovelace, Harrell, Westmark, Boyett, Bobe, Eubanks, May, Edgecomb, Henry. Third Row: Lane, King, Purdy, Kohler, McClanahan, Nettles, Cursher, Waters, Cherry, Miller, Cushions.  Fourth Row:  Hastings, Jones, Chisholm, Sander, Crawford, Floyd, Danielson, Burmeister, Clark, Suda, Morrison.  Fifth Row: Crawford, Rose, Luckie, McCoy, Sapp, Porter, White.
Track Team
1960 - 1961

L to R, First Row: R. Minshew, K. Floyd, B. Lane, B. McClanahan, J. Singleton, K. White, J. Trutel, S. McCoy, M. Bradley, J. Graves. Second Row: B. Adkison, C. Hurt, R. Stokes, B. Jenkins, B. Morrison, M. Pippin, J. Crooke, J. Bishop, L. Christison, J. Kirkland,  D. Gailey. Third Row: B. Hoffman, L. Heal, P. Curry, W. Kea, A. Rutherford, R. Waldrop, J. Hellickson, M. Jones, B. Patterson, A. Barfield, J. Forte.  Fourth Row: L. Rhodes, P. Miller, C. Miller, D. Powell, R. Wilson, M. Moots, J. Roberts, D. Colley, A. Anderson. Fifth Row: D. Reynolds, M. Nellums, R. Andrews, J. Casey, J. Livings, D. Parker, R. Danielson, J. King, D. Hall.

The Pensacola High School Tennis Team was only in it's second year in 1959-60.  The nine man team consisted of five senior and four junior class members, sponsored by Coach Ballenger.  In it's third year, the team was headed by Coach Smith.  Vernon Anderson and Ricky Hart had been with the team since the beginning, and Chip Arden and Rick Carrell were starting their second year with the team.  Steve Trawick rounded out the senior class members of the 1960-61 team.  As noted in the ANNONA that year, "The Team, after two years as an orphan, had at last become a permanent part of the athletic program."

Tennis Team
1959 - 1960

Standing, L to R:  Bill Crow, Rick Carrell, Art Hufford,
George Dahlgren, Pete Rainey 
Kneeling: Ricky Hart, Chip Arden, Jerry Green, Vernon Anderson

Tennis Team
1960 - 1961

L to R:  Robert Billman, Chip Arden, Rick Carrell, Ricky Hart
Bill Hufford, Dale Fillingim, Bill Brown, Calvin Todd, Steve Trawick
Not Pictured: Vernon Anderson