The Tiger's Tale
This collection of The Tiger's Tale, with one exception,  is from the PHS Class of 1960's senior year, but they should bring back many memories of our time at PHS.  If anyone should have other issues packed away, we would love to have them to feature on our website, especially any from our senior year.



This issue is dated November 14, 1958.  It's hard to believe but that was almost 60 years ago - the beginning of our sophomore year at PHS!  The Glee Club was planning a production of Show Boat and the big news was the upcoming Tigers vs Blue Jays game at Tiger Stadium.  Find out more about it by clicking *HERE*.


This is the first issue from our junior year, dated September 11, 1959.  Linda Folk was the Associate Editor of the paper, Anne Soule and Don Fanning were the Sports Editors, and Ann Holsberry contributed much of the art.  You're bound to find some old forgotten memories hidden somewhere in these pages.  Click *HERE* if you want to find out.


The Thanksgiving issue, November 20, 1959.  Our junior class officers were announced, and tiger fans sat in the freezing cold to watch our team smash Murphy 26 to 6.  Click  *HERE* for the scoop.


In the December 18, 1959, issue you can read about who won the leads in "Annie Get Your Gun" as well as "Boy's Holiday Fashions."   You can also find out what some of you planned to do over the Christmas holidays.  Click  *HERE* to read all about it.


Does anyone remember the April Fools issue of 1960?  Click  *HERE* to see how the creative folks on the paper's staff lampooned teachers and students with their "Mad" magazine parody.


How many of you remember the Maroon and White game?  Do you know who was elected from our class to be in the court?  You can read all about it in the April 14, 1960 Easter issue.  Click  *HERE*


In the May 13, 1960 issue you can see who was chosen as cheerleaders for our senior year, and on  page 6, you will find some "Candid Shots Around PHS."  Click *HERE* to see if there is anyone there you recognize.

You should definitely check out the May 30, 1960, issue featuring the Last Will and Testament from the graduating class of 1960.  Click *HERE* to see what you may have inherited.