AV Clubbs Jr High
Many members of the Class of '61 graduated from the ninth grade at A.V. Clubbs Jr High in 1958. In fact, ours was the last ninth grade class to graduate from Clubbs, since the system changed the following school year and what would have been the ninth grade class ended up being the Freshman class at PHS.   If you would like to relive some of those long ago memories, and reconnect with your fourteen-year-old self, check out some copies of THE TATTLER from our 8th grade years 1956-57, which were generously donated by the Class of '60 to feature on our website.  If any of you have other Tattler issues you would like to share, please let us know.  

On this page, you will also find some old Home Room photos and the Who's Who from the 9th grade.  Come take a walk down Memory Lane. 


In the November 15, 1956 issue you can see who your 8th grade student council members were, or who was in the Clubbs Band that year.  On Page 3, see if you can "Guess Who" in our class collected stamps or stuffed animals.  Click HERE to get all of the answers.

Go HERE to read about Rick Carrell's trip to Virginia or find out who in our class topped the Honor Roll with all A's.  All this and more can be found in the March 19, 1957, edition.

Do you remember Lucky the dog?  How about the new kitchen wonder that amazed students by baking a potato in four minutes?  Read the May 1, 1957, Tattler HERE.
The May 29, 1957, issue announced the Student Council Heads and Tattler editor for the 1957-58 school year on Page 1, and on Page 2 you can read how us "Eighth Graders Look Ahead" to our upcoming ninth grade year at Clubbs, plus some advice to contemplate on our "final and most important year of junior high school - the ninth grade." The Clubbs cheerleading squad for 1957-58 was announced on Page 3, and you can read the Last Will and Testament of the graduating ninth grade class (the future PHS Class of 1960).  Click HERE  to see what you may have inherited.  

Remember how each home room stood outside on the front steps of Clubbs each year for our group photograph?  Here's one from the eighth grade for students with the last names beginning with "S" and "T".  Click on the photograph to enlarge it to see how many classmates you are able to identify.

Back in 1958, Mary (Moffett) Hufford (Class of '60) wrote a little gossip sheet that she titled "Tattle Tales".  Here's one that came out right before the Coronation Dance in March.  Click HERE to see if you can guess who she was tattling on. (Hint:  Cheryl P (7th) has Frank W's (8th) bracelet.) 


Here's a photograph of the same group of home room students in the ninth grade.  Is it easier to identify those faces now that they are one year older?  

Cheerleaders 1956-1957

Tumbling Team 1956-57

Clubbs Marching Band 1956-57